Uncovering Perspectives, Purposes, and Problems through Multimedia Storytelling

Welcome to Ashley On Point

“Whether or not you write well, write bravely.” – Bill Stout

My initiative is to follow my passion of storytelling and be a reporter for the community by sharing compelling narratives through multiple forms. In addition to that, I aim toward producing work that is unequivocal, thought provoking, helps contribute to greater trust between the media and the public, and is simply “On Point.”



The voices of all people need to be heard. Providing viewpoints from different communities and groups leads to better equity in coverage, and a more wholesome news experience.



It is vital to come back to the original mission of journalism that provides accuracy, and informs the public of valuable information; ridding itself of ethical issues and low quality news.


Reporting the problem potentially leads to a solution. There are issues and subjects that society considers taboo, but are also the very topics that need attention and public notice in order to increase knowledge and understanding.